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10 things you should own in 2020: Wardrobe Essentials

I know we all shop a lot, be it shopping from our fav brands or street shopping we all find something to buy, but still when we have to step out why is it always like we have nothing to wear.

So many of you must have seen, read or hear of this, like basic staples in your wardrobe. But here’s my version of this list according to changing fashion and styles. Also, a list to make your wardrobe a complete one excluding the basics, because you know that right? I have previous blogs on basics as well, so you can read that.

So without any further blabbering, Let’s start with our list to keep our style authentic yet up-to-date.

  • Long Skirt: Now you must be thinking is it necessary to own a long skirt, doesn’t it look good on a particular type of body? Babe, NO! Long skirts are the most fashionable, trendy yet comfortable piece you can own. You can go chic, casual or formal with it. Trust me you need it.
I promise you give you nicer pictures of this outfit
  • 2.A cute over-sized sweatshirt: Yes, you read it right! Want to go out with your friends: Over-sized Sweatshirt. Going on a movie date and wondering what to wear: Over-sized Sweatshirt. Running errands but want to look cute?: Over-sized Sweatshirt and I swear I can go onnnn! You will bless your wardrobe if you invest in a good sweatshirt.
  • 3.Trousers: Okay, I cannot stress enough on this. You NEED a good pair of trousers because they just suddenly make you feel like “one sangria or a cosmopolitan”, You get me naa that expensive look. If you don’t own one, add it your wishlist. Also, buy a nice one!
I purposely paired them together. But look at bralet naa. They look sooo good!
  • 4.A chic Bralet: I can hear voices but bro, Bralet is not my style or I don’t think I can carry it. Let me tell you sweetie, Bralet is the most versatile and feminine piece of clothing you can own. No matter what they will always make you look good. Pair them with trousers or lehenga or just with denim. THEY ALWAYS LOOK GOOD, ALWAYS! Well, will you like a blog ” different ways to style your bralet”, let me know in the comments below.
Bralet really looks good. Don’t they?
  • 5.Jeans: And you thought I won’t mention it! I have always said this and will keep saying it till I die. A good pair of denim can change the whole game. Now you can read my previous blogs because I have mentioned about it a lot.

  • 6.Summer dress: Yes a summer dress, they make you feel cute. Who doesn’t want that feeling.
  • 8.Bodysuit: Okay, I don’t know if somebody told you this or not but you must own a bodysuit. They tend to give your body a structure and thus look amazing. I know you always a top as complimentary gift when you’re shopping. This time for me ditch your top and buy bodysuit. Thank me later 😛
  • 9.A classic dupptta: Your wardrobe is craving for a classic dupptta I swear. If there’s traditional wear, you must wear a dupptta. Don’t go shopping for this, somethings you can search in your mom’s wardrobe ;)
  • 10.Kurta/Kurta Set: Well last but not the least, a Kurta or a complete Kurta set. You can never have a complete wardrobe if you don’t own a classic kurta. It’s important, I mean it!. Check this out:

Rest is black & white tshirt/shirts, slogan tshirt, denim shorts/skirts, white bottoms and ah many more. But you know this alreay right?

Also, I have tried to show you essentials more pleasing in my pictures. So if you feel like oh you wore it that and paired with something amazing. You don’t need that trust me. Also, if you think I have missed out on anything let me know. Thanks for reading. I hope you’re taking something with you from here.

Lots of Love


Fashion & Restriction

Fashion and restriction two words doesn’t go hand in hand no? But some of us may have formed your own boundaries in fashion. You won’t wear certain clothes or certain types, because you aren’t there yet and sweetie that’s TOTALLY OKAY! What’s fashion in your head? Well let me make it very very clearly that fashion is YOU, yourself.

Babe, I totally get some of you have restrictions some imposed, some self-formed for certain kind of clothes but who said only “some” kind of clothes are fashion.

I understand those boundaries and I respect them very much.

There are plethora of options if you want to dress chic. Choose a maxi dress and you are good to go!
Another option is to wear long skirts and style it. Make most of out the chic you!
Wear long skirts, pair them with your best heels and accessories, who said you’re only fashionable with short skirts?

Also, those who wear what they want is a choice they make to express themselves; Having said that, I want you to feel comfortable, confident and chic in whatever you wear.

Pay attention to details, wear as simple as a denim and top, tuck your top in for better structure. Pay attention to your hair, bag, footwear & jewellery!
Adding nice shoes and a pop of colour as my bag is changing the whole look of this denim! I told ya it’s in the details
Choose different! Don’t always opt for denims, experiment and try out different kind of pants they add a lot more glamour to you, Trust me.
Again choose your footwear wisely, they are the game changer

So, for all those who are fashionable, want to present themselves at their best and want people to know who they are without having to utter a word. I have some ideas for you to wear clothes which fulfill your restriction criteria and yet make you look swank.

Also Listen, You are still fashionable with or without any restrictions. I opted for tshirts and dress, basically non-skin showing clothes like crop tops or shorts for you to understand it better 😛

Lots of Love
Ayushi ❤

Some celebrity references:

Choose pants, also go for sheer tops they are a perfect blend of sexy and chic.
Go monochrome. You can never go wrong with that!
Choose to layer. Layer it up. Pay heed to details that’s how you are stylish my darlings


Ever imagined, what if brands could talk what will they tell you in their achievements. Ummm, style, popularity (maybe:P), what else sustainability, ethical and perhaps their producer-consumer relationship.

Well, let me ask you something bizarre. Aren’t you excited when you make a new discovery and like you loved it so much that you want to tell everyone. Well, sameee!

Yes, I am also very excited to tell you about one such brand – MONK&MEI, label with a purpose. Read till the end go to the brand itself.

A glimpse of what a brand should look like!

Monk & Mei is a easy to wear, refreshing, sustainable brand, doing their bit for Mother Earth.

But How? They deliver their clothes with paper tags that contains seed. So, you can plant this goodness. But what’s more special? Why am I so excited about this.

Don’t we all search in a brand is uniqueness and Monk and Mei has everything unique about them. What I loved the most is that, you form a bond with the helping hands that made your dress. You help in turning their ambitions into reality. So what if I tell you that Monk and Mei isn’t just delivering clothes, they are delivering love wrapped with a story and you, You are wearing a story that lingers on your skin.

Words to swear by!

So,I think fast fashion should take a break. Also, I am adding Monk and Mei to my favourite brand list and I think you should too.

Words to swear by!

Because for once in a while I want you to wear more than just a cloth, wear love, wear a story. Help the hands who made your dress and buy sustainable.

Words to swear by!

And their design. Ahhh, okay I think I have said enough. Just goo check that out here.

One of their designs.

I hope you liked this little discovery, I’ll keep sharing and discovering.

Until then lots of love. Oh again, if you have any questions regarding anything of the blogs or want me to write on something comment below. Thanks!


But I don’t know from where to shop!

Dear Sweethearts,

Listen. I knowww, you always wonder where should I shop from, brands have given us so many choices but who will tell you “from where to buy what?” I mean I love some of brands way too much but they all are heavy on my pockets whereas some of these don’t meet my expectations, in this world where fashion can be an instant language from which one of these brands should I get my hands on to look fashionably radiant.

Don’t worry girls! I know there are so many of brands these days. So many will be too expensive and some disappointing but its never like you cannot get something anywhere. I am all here to help you with all the little knowledge I gained after so many hit and trials. 😛

Let me start with first things first:

Let’s try your Basics from “zara” & trust me they will never ever disappoint you N.E.V.E.R. You will get Basics t-shirts, crop tops, plain whites, blacks and many more at an quite affordable price and I think that should be a steal, because I think Basics can be worn more than 5667875587 times and even if you find it sightly more expensive than others, trust me it will be totally worth it. Choose quality!

Next up if we talk about dresses, top, kurtis & other items there are so many of brands like: hnm, zara, forever21, mango & many more. You can also try street shopping in Mumbai like hill road or Colaba. They have some amazing cheap stuff only if you have ample of time to invest and keen eyes to look for best pieces from the available stuff.

You can also opt for online sites like Myntra & Shein as I find both of them a more reliable now.

You wish to buy crop tops, skirts, sweat-shirts, bodycon dresses, slip dresses & shorts or something of this sort. Why don’t you try Forver21 or you can even try buying from Shein.

If you want something formal & smart looking sheath dress, trousers and all there are n no. of brands on myntra that you can try. Also, go to Zara or Mango for formals, if you are with a lumsum budget.

If you ever wish to buy a well-fitted pair of denim to look smart everyday. I think you should take it as a long term investment and buy from Zara or Mango or Flying Machine or many more (but this will be not that easy-peasy for your budget). Btw I bought denims from almost all easily available denim-brands but trust me nothing hugs me as perfect as Zara denim.

For ethnic wear you can try Lifestyle, Mnytra, etc.I have mostly bought my Kurtis from Myntra and trust me they turned out amazing ( I have discovered this brand called “house of Pataudi” while shopping last time on Myntra, do check for Kurtis!). Also, I recently went to street shopping in Mumbai (hill road) and found some amazing Kurtis, which were ranging from 650-700 to 1000. The only issue is sizing but mostly Indian wears can be nicely altered from your local tailors!

Hey! If you think ‘What’s in the “sale”?’ You are wrong my boy. Big stores mostly have nice collection during sale. I think you must go with handsome amount of money to buy lots of stuff. You can get some great stuff like denims, dresses, jackets, coats, pants and list can go on! (Oh yes, I bought a mom jeans from zara in its last End-of-Season Sale for 990 INR which was amazing deal)

Last but not the least try your local area markets & boutiques. They will mostly have single pieces so that you can standout & shine in the whole lot.

Take your shopping as your responsibility. Enjoy it with little management and invest in goodness of it. Don’t shop to ‘shop’, shop to ‘feel beautiful, empowered & independent’.

Let me know if you want to know about any particular thing because I tried to cover so many things in this particular one that it feels bottle-necked. Is it too cluttered? Let me know if you want something in details. You can leave comments.

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

Quarantined and How!

Hey, I know it’s a pandemic and I understand how you all feel, 24*7 lockdown. Inside those four walls.

And it’s not possible to calm your demons, with someone like me, who tends to overthink EVERY. SINGLE. THING. it’s even more difficult!

So, instead I’ve used my mind to create some outfits which are little unusual and more fashionable!

Also some of these outfits have been featured already in a video on my Instagram. So, if you haven’t watched it yet. Goooooo, watch it!

Okay done, continue reading through pictures and oh btw, happy reading :*

Let’s start with the most basic one, I wore a plain white tshirt and topped it with a cami! Aren’t you bored of wearing the same cami. So let’s give it the twist it needed.
Also you might have seen this before, but it’s good to acknowledge this style, since it’s worth it!
This is how it turned out to be!
The same tshirt and cami I tucked under my bra just so it gives the 90’s crop vibe.
And this is how, this one turned out!
Okay so for this one, I chose a top for inner layer and tucked it inside my bra, it will give base for the top and it’s even better if the top is more body hugging. Then I wore a simple crop top over it! It just gives a subtle layering to your old crop top, giving you the v fresh 90’s vibes!
Ain’t this simple addition, making a huge difference!
I have redefined denim on denim for you! Here, I chose to wear a mini denim skirt, tucked it inside my bra to make it crop and kept the zip sideways.
And I am very happy with the outcome!
Again I chose to wear a frilled skirt upside down, tied the frilled part with a string (you can also use a belt). I then put the frills outwards to give it frill-y look from the front! You must have seen this already:P
And the skirt’s doing pretty amazing job here!
Just a simple tip, I took the belt that came with my bum bag and tied it at the end of the crop top, it certainly give the outfit a different and more put together look! Btw this look is from my blog “confessions of my neon” if you haven’t read it, check it out :

Okay guys, these were the tips I could come up with. Thanks for reading this. See you sooon!

Lots and lots love


Just Jewel it Baby!

Heyyyyy. It’s me again. With some another set of tips. Okay listen, what’s the one thing that comes to your mind when I tell you to change your outfit game totally? No I ain’t talking about any clothing piece. Now presenting to you the star of the outfit “Jewellery” Taadddaaaa!!!

Ah them, Jewelleries!

Well, it’s feels awkward to wear those earrings or those stack of necklaces and everything, yar! I feel it’s tooo much. I mostly wear it in parties but I don’t wear it daily or to another bunch of activities.

Okay then my girlies, this is toooo much jewellery – said no one ever. I honestly think jewellery acts as a catalyst not only to make your outfit look more smart but also seems like you have put a lottt of effort. Also, making your look more engaging for others. I think you should keep reading to know how to style them jewelleries!

Just add quirky pair of earrings to your simple denim and top. Add those statement earrings to your simple clothes. It will change the game. I swear.

Added this pair of statement earrings to make this simple black mock neck look more chic. Well, can really wear this look to girls brunch or for lunch!

I always make sure to wear rings because it makes me look instantly chic, another reason is I love wearing it. But the whole point is to wear more and more of jewellery and make your outfit look 100 times better.

Always Always stacking up rings. You can wear 2-3 rings in two fingers and damn girl, you changed the game!

Remember when you just added those “jhumkas” to your fav kurta and bagged thousands of compliments. Yes, jewellery does that to you. So, I want to tell you “put your money into accessories and you could create a million different looks.”

Wearing mom jeans and simple top!
Added earrings, simple chain, simple plain bracelets and ofcourse rings, you see the difference right! It looks more dressy(if only that’s a word!)

I hope till now you got the importance which I mentioned 10 thousand times in every paragraph because that’s how important it is I think. I hope the pictures made it more clear for you. I purposely chose simple outfits, so that it becomes clear like crystal.

Wore a simple cami and denim, just as good for your shopping spree, coffee dates or a game night!
But not without your jewellery. Stacked necklaces and bracelets to look more put-together.
Small steps, beautiful changes!

Thanks for reading the blog. Also if you found it helpful share it with people to help them too or share it on your social media platforms so that many people can get benefit of this. Comment below to let me know what you think you would like to know or what should I write about! Thank you again 🙂

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

Personal Style: Ever thought about it?, an insight inside your wardrobe.

Hey there, still at home and bored? Finished everything on Netflix, hotstar, prime and everything! Okay, I have an amazing way to keep you busy! Well, Let me start with a question “Do you wish sometimes to look more put-together?”. Also, I have another question for you, “Are you done arranging your wardrobe?” Well even if yes, what if I tell you that you can find your personal style from all inside your wardrobe. To look more confident, put-together and sassy!

Thinking about the clothes and colours!

Well I know, you will be thinking to yourself, what is personal style and I don’t even know the style how I can I find my personal one. Well babe, chill! I have got you sorted. All you need is to keep reading this till the end, I have a shared my ideology in the end. Interesting no, now onto finding your personal style.

Well let me give a disclaimer . It’s not, in anywhich ways, is me telling you about what to wear and what not to or what should you own or what you shouldn’t. I am just helping you keep yourself engaged enough to feel comfortable, confident and not need to think twice: Agh! what should I wear the next day!:(

Okay now, let’s start:

While doing what I told you, I found out I am into warm nudes and adding some colours to it.

1. Well let me start with first things first. Umm, what if I tell you to click yourself everyday. Is it too much to ask for. Umm, actually NO! You can keep clicking your pictures everyday to keep a journal of your outfits. If you aren’t comfortable posting it on any social media platform then keep it to yourself, safe, inside your gallery. I think you should just keep collecting yourself, so at the end of a month or two you will be able to figure out what you like wearing more, what’s that one go to thing you always pick up and most importantly what you are comfortable wearing in.

2. Now the second thing is, don’t you think we buy some colours more than others without even realising about it, what if I tell you that it is one of the step to know your personal style. All you need to do is put together different colours in piles and you will now notice what tones are you into like you own more of “warm tones” or “nude tones” or maybe colourful pieces paired with nudes/basics or totally different colours.

3. Most of us usually say this that “umm, these kind of clothes looks good on her, but it won’t look good on me”. Don’t we? But darling all we need is to identify our own body type to understand certain things makes us look out of this world. I know they do. Now you must be like: okay, How to do that? Right! There are so many ways. Easiest is or what I would do is search on google :P. Well search on google for different body types, see the images see what you fits into maybe approximately. Yyay! Now you know. No, this doesn’t end here now according to your body types you need to identify certain parts of your body which you literally absolutely cherish, you want to flaunt. Okay if this is difficult then let me explain it, I am an hour glass body shape and quite tall, so I like my legs and even highlighting them. Also I like wearing highwaists that make me look more kind of put together.

Would love to wear something like this on days where I have to run all day!

4. Moreover, this is really important, THINK ABOUT YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES. By this all I mean is think what is your day going to be like today are you going to walk red carpet or running errands from north to south (okay sorry for exaggeration, but you get it right!). So, if you have to just grab a glass of wine and sit: dress like you are the only princess in the room babe but if you have to run errands, get shit done then find yourself in joggers and crop top or denim or utility pants whatever you feel comfortable in but the compulsion is make it fashion gurlll. Invest in key pieces!

I feel my style is more on the feminine side. So, I will obviously obviously add jewellery to make it more stylish.

5. Okay now the most most most important. That is CONFIDENCE, COMFORT and like it’s been said since ages that “comfortable makes you confident”. Listen, if it’s trending and isn’t comfortable, drop it Hun! If you feel comfortable wearing pants to the party wear pants! You do you, girl. Add trend to basics.

More and more feminine clothes.

Alsooo, I can’t end this without telling to work on it a little. Put a little efforts and do your own research. Seek your style, don’t be all over the place just because it’s trending. It is a waste of time, energy and your money also. Trust me.

This is me. Still, a work in progress

Okay, seek your style on Instagram, Pinterest, Art or Music.

Also, having one outfit that perfectly fits you with a great quality(a little heavy on your pocket!) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the six outfit you own that is little less expensive. This is my ideology, well!

Okay so I didn’t intend to make this blog this longer. If you stick till the end thank you sooooo much I hope you found it useful and it helped you pass your time and a little more insight your wardrobe. I hope you start building your personal style. So just you tell them about yourself by what you’re wearing.

Yours Truly

-A work in progress. ❤

Confessions Of My Indian Wear

Hey Listen! Just Listen naa. I know you all love your Indian wears but why do you only consider me for special “traditional” occasion. Why I can’t be your everyday wear.

Okay, Okay. I agree that saree is too much effort but what about your kurtas! Your every Indian wear sobs in corner whenever you choose everything else over it.

Just asking you, how many times have you chosen your Indian wears 😛

Okay Just tell me one thing how many times even any one of you have thought of these Indian wears, umm may be for your date or a girls night out or for dinners or for shopping trips. Ah! Be honest! I’ll tell you, NONE! That’s because you want to choose every cloth for each one of these occasion.

Okay no ranting now. Well my dear girls I can tell you the truth, the truth is that Indian wear are the most effortless way to look chic as well as well-dressed. It seems to look perfect even for the days you don’t feel yourself.

A look which I’ll totally dig for my office. I have styled this printed blue kurta with same coloured pants and to add some more colour block I choose yellow footwear. Wear it in your office to look opulent.

You can select any Nice kurta & pair it with some jewelry (or don’t) and you are good to go. Choose your kurtas not only for ‘poojas’ or ‘traditional days’ only but let’s wear them more often.

At this point let me quote something by Alexa Chung : “Never say never in fashion because you’ll be wearing “never in 2 years” time. Hahahaha! Lets wear more of these kurtas to office, to dinners, to shopping trips, to coffee dates and to everywhere you feel you can!

Styled the dupptta differently. Also to complete the look I made a rough low bun and added added some heavy earrings.
I have chosen this white chikankari kurta and paired it white parallel pants (I reused this pants from a set I wore on Diwali, if you want to check that dress out, you can see it on Instagram.) also this dupptta is custom made. Ah, so I chose this outfit to wear it for a dinner party with friends or family.
I kept the same look but let my hair flow free and added simple pair of jhumkas for a day look. Umm, maybe to go on a brunch or grab a coffee.
Check out the complete look. (And I am sooo sorry for the bad pictures:P)
What I choose is a straight green kurta and reused the same pants, the one I wore above. Reusing fashion is the best, ya! Soo, I choose this for shopping trips
Just added jhumkas and took a cute small bag to complete the look and trust me it’s so comfortable for a person like me, whose shopping is literally a cardio.

Also, I am in ‘No’ way saying that you shoudn’t wear what we wear (as they say “western cloths”). Even I love wearing and styling of all those clothes but all I am saying is to include more of these kurtas in our wardrobe & life 😉

What I choose is a red kurta with some flair for my coffee dates. Added really delicate but big earrings.
Make your first impression with Indian wear and rock your date.

Oh also did I mention how comfortable these kurtas are btw & also make anyone look beautiful without efforts.

Okay now I guess I stressed too much on these kurtas & Indian wears in this blog but honestly that’s how I feel about them. I loved this writeup. Let me know what do you think about this & please leave questions in the comments below if you have any, I will be more than happy if I’ll able to help you.

Really lots of love. ♥️

Lots & lots of Love -Ayushi ❤

Confessions for my Neons!!

Dear Neons,

I love that you are trending, but I ain’t sure I can pull you off completely. I truly ain’t! 😦 I mean I always think of wearing you & rock, but dreams (I tell you, Ahhh!)

But I think I pull you off in pieces though.

Just paired a sweatshirt with neon linings and mom jeans. To add more pop of color to it, you can also add neon hair accessories (bows, hairpins, hairbands) to it.
Alsoooo, you guys so that it pops out a little more I added neons socks too!

I mean using you as an accessory or a part of my outfit won’t make it look bad on me as well as I can be as trendy as you are!

I love how you add that pop of color to the simple outfit. I need to tell you very clearly that you bring something new to the table whenever added to an attire.

Here on a simple black outfit I added neon belt and neon socks just to look more neon-ly put together.
That’s how it turned out! (I have only this picture where my outfits is showing perfectly so here it goes!) P.S. I reused my belt that came in with my bum-bag.

Be it any accessory, you are in, you make sure to look trendy & chic too an undefined limit.

I bought a neon bum-bag, so that I go with fashion without going too much neon. (Just for reference I also wore the same bum-bag on a denim and white top, it’s there on my Instagram. Gooo check it out!)

I think people should more often add you to make that fashionable difference that is needed everyday and also I hope you continue to look fab the way you always do.

I paired a neon top with black shots and denim to just have a sneak of neon in my outfit.

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

Do let me know if you want something more I’ll love to write what you want to hear! :*

Also, for more ideas of outfits, follow me on Instagram (

Also, if you want to buy this neon top or bum-bag I wore, and many such neon accessories and clothes, check out shein ( but more details of my outfits check out my Instagram.

Celebrity Reference:

Alia Bhatt paired a neon top with pleated mom jeans and neon footwear and some accessories.
Sara Ali Khan paired her blingy skirt with pop of neon on her shirt and neon earrings

Confessions of my Black-dresses: Pretty little blacks!

My dear little Black-dresses,
Please scroll till the last! And listen for all details of my outfits head to my Instagram you lovelies ❤

Choose a dress which is comfortable to dance in and pair it with your fav pair of shoes and you are ready with your black dress to clubs.
Keep this look very simple and chic. Don’t add too much of jewellery to it.
Choose a cute flowy dress for your date, also pair it with your shoes again (they are comfortable and chic).
Choose the same dress, pair it up with chic flats or heels and add some jewellery for drama and you are good to go to any of your friends party. (Also cloth reuse is a real thing.)
Choose a fabulous black bodycon dress for your office lunch or dinner. Pair them up with nice not-to-big block heels and add a small chunks of jewellery like either earrings or pendants or bracelets and you are good to go.
Heading to your bestfriend‘s party and want to look your best? Choose a perfect and sexy bodycon dress for any night parties. Pair it up with heavy earrings. I paired it up with pastel earring and pastel footwear to complete my look ❤
Want to head out cute, are you going out with friends? Choose a tshirt black dress, choose cute pair of sneakers and complete your look with a cute hair accessory be it hair band or hair pins.
Choose a long black dress for your beach vacation or any vacation(tip: long cause it can look elegant and yet save you from tanning :P) You can also use this dress to family functions pair it up with heavy Kundan chokers and long jackets and you are good to go. NOW PLEASE READ THE BELOW BLOG.

Oh, where do I start from, all my black dresses are so close to me, while writing for them is making me so emo. Okay, so keeping all the drama aside!
I really really love you all my black dresses as you put life in my look in secs. I can wear you to parties, to dates, to functions, to office and where not.
You satisfy all the criteria of being sexy! You look amazing on your own and styling any of you is the easiest yet the trickiest part.

You can be bold to basic. Its just that while styling you I always have some point in mind like I never ditch my shoes whenever I am wearing you to clubs or dance parties ( cause heels will kill my legs and as out! :P) I always pair you up with pretty jewellery to be that “extra”.
Also, I always think of styling you by pairing up with pretty heels for lunch or dinner or office parties (because office parties are boring and you don’t have to stay till late. :P).
You can be as satisfying for day look as for night look.
So, my pretty little black dresses you can make anyone look at their best, that is what is the best thing about you <3.
You are always a dream of a girl ( You should always always own a black dress). Also, any number of you is never enough! 😉
With lots and lots of Love! (sobbing!)
Yours always

-Ayushi ❤