But I don’t know from where to shop!

Dear Sweethearts,

Listen. I knowww, you always wonder where should I shop from, brands have given us so many choices but who will tell you “from where to buy what?” I mean I love some of brands way too much but they all are heavy on my pockets whereas some of these don’t meet my expectations, in this world where fashion can be an instant language from which one of these brands should I get my hands on to look fashionably radiant.

Don’t worry girls! I know there are so many of brands these days. So many will be too expensive and some disappointing but its never like you cannot get something anywhere. I am all here to help you with all the little knowledge I gained after so many hit and trials. 😛

Let me start with first things first:

Let’s try your Basics from “zara” & trust me they will never ever disappoint you N.E.V.E.R. You will get Basics t-shirts, crop tops, plain whites, blacks and many more at an quite affordable price and I think that should be a steal, because I think Basics can be worn more than 5667875587 times and even if you find it sightly more expensive than others, trust me it will be totally worth it. Choose quality!

Next up if we talk about dresses, top, kurtis & other items there are so many of brands like: hnm, zara, forever21, mango & many more. You can also try street shopping in Mumbai like hill road or Colaba. They have some amazing cheap stuff only if you have ample of time to invest and keen eyes to look for best pieces from the available stuff.

You can also opt for online sites like Myntra & Shein as I find both of them a more reliable now.

You wish to buy crop tops, skirts, sweat-shirts, bodycon dresses, slip dresses & shorts or something of this sort. Why don’t you try Forver21 or you can even try buying from Shein.

If you want something formal & smart looking sheath dress, trousers and all there are n no. of brands on myntra that you can try. Also, go to Zara or Mango for formals, if you are with a lumsum budget.

If you ever wish to buy a well-fitted pair of denim to look smart everyday. I think you should take it as a long term investment and buy from Zara or Mango or Flying Machine or many more (but this will be not that easy-peasy for your budget). Btw I bought denims from almost all easily available denim-brands but trust me nothing hugs me as perfect as Zara denim.

For ethnic wear you can try Lifestyle, Mnytra, etc.I have mostly bought my Kurtis from Myntra and trust me they turned out amazing ( I have discovered this brand called “house of Pataudi” while shopping last time on Myntra, do check for Kurtis!). Also, I recently went to street shopping in Mumbai (hill road) and found some amazing Kurtis, which were ranging from 650-700 to 1000. The only issue is sizing but mostly Indian wears can be nicely altered from your local tailors!

Hey! If you think ‘What’s in the “sale”?’ You are wrong my boy. Big stores mostly have nice collection during sale. I think you must go with handsome amount of money to buy lots of stuff. You can get some great stuff like denims, dresses, jackets, coats, pants and list can go on! (Oh yes, I bought a mom jeans from zara in its last End-of-Season Sale for 990 INR which was amazing deal)

Last but not the least try your local area markets & boutiques. They will mostly have single pieces so that you can standout & shine in the whole lot.

Take your shopping as your responsibility. Enjoy it with little management and invest in goodness of it. Don’t shop to ‘shop’, shop to ‘feel beautiful, empowered & independent’.

Let me know if you want to know about any particular thing because I tried to cover so many things in this particular one that it feels bottle-necked. Is it too cluttered? Let me know if you want something in details. You can leave comments.

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

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