Confessions for my crop-tops: Oh, so crop!

My Dear Dear crops,

Hi cute crop tops! I know I have ditched you many a times but that’s not because I don’t love you but because of my flabby stomach 😛

But this time I have to confess that whenever I wear you, it seems magical. you give my body every perfect definition that it needs.

I wore you with many different bottoms, styled you in many different ways and guess what, you justified them all. You are extremely gorgeous and versatile and to be honest to justify your potential I have to upgrade mine 😛

You can be comfortable yet elegant. You are like all ice and all fire at the same time.

You can be teamed up with denims, pants, skirts or even as blouses to ethnics, and trust me you don’t let any of them down.

You are perfect for any and every occasion and wherever you go , you leave your fashion vibe behind, that is making one look jaw dropping beautiful.

Lots of Love my gorgeous gorgeous crop tops.

Always yours

Confessions for My Basics

Dear Basics,

A warm warm hug to my basic pieces of clothing. I wonder how you keep up with me in-spite of me wearing you thousands and thousands of time. I always have you to fall back on, be it any occasion.

Tied a knot on plain black tshirt with flared denim and added a pop color with that scarf on head

I wore you many a times but each time with a different twist; sometimes knot, sometimes tucked in and what not! You were still never disappointing.

Tucked in the same tshirt for another look

When I wore you my pretty t-shirts be it with denim or skirt, or in anyway you still managed to look sexy.

Tucked in my cute tshirt with basic denim skirt and added pastel bag
Tucked my tshirt in my bra to give it crop look to add drama to my simple outfit
Tied a knot on basic white tshirt and paired it knee cut pencil denim

When I wore you my white shirt with anything, you molded yourself to fit in there.

Tucked the white tshirt with flared denim and accessories it
Paired a plain black basic dress with black shoes and added little pop of color by adding earrings and scarf

I have to tell you that I think about adding some pop-of color to you and you with minimum efforts look sexy. I think about you all the time. Trust me.

So, My lovely lovely basics I am a sucker for you. But that’s not it let me tell you one thing very clear, I’ll still be experimenting on you till the time you stop being so versatile (which means never :P)

With lots and lots of love . ❤

Yours – Ayushi.

Also, you can try these simple looks too to make your everyday basics look little more interesting. If in case you try these, Please share your pictures you beautiful humans.

Fashion. Redefinition.

Hi, I hope you all are doing fashionably great and that’s something I want you all to feel.

What do you think is fashion? An amazing outfit, amazing jewelries, nice shoes or makeup, well it just adds to your fashion self. I believe fashion is something which lies within you and that if you had no restrictions how will you dress-up yourself or what colors will you wear or what makeup will you put. The person you want the world to see by your choices, by your attire – that is what fashion is in true sense.

As my title suggests I am going to define fashion for you in my words, my thoughts. I always thought that fashion is everywhere and in every person there is a fashionista, who wants to go bold, go confident, wear anything and mostly be themselves. I honestly believe that everyone is fashionable in some or the other way.

Fashion is your mood from your bold lips to your funky outfits to your colorful nails to your red carpet self its all your mood. That is how you want to depict yourself to world and that’s how you show your worth.

Fashion is in everything, the way you talk, the way you walk, or the way you smile or laugh. Every little things you do adds to your grace. There’s no beauty standards, no handy manual that comes with fashion, it just wants you to be you. Fashion gives you the liberty to be anything and everything. Fashion is not a certain kind of outfit or jewelry or colors on your eyes or lips, It is everything that you want to be. Period.

So, Fashion is a habitat
Fashion is Easy
Fashion is YOU.

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