Ever imagined, what if brands could talk what will they tell you in their achievements. Ummm, style, popularity (maybe:P), what else sustainability, ethical and perhaps their producer-consumer relationship.

Well, let me ask you something bizarre. Aren’t you excited when you make a new discovery and like you loved it so much that you want to tell everyone. Well, sameee!

Yes, I am also very excited to tell you about one such brand – MONK&MEI, label with a purpose. Read till the end go to the brand itself.

A glimpse of what a brand should look like!

Monk & Mei is a easy to wear, refreshing, sustainable brand, doing their bit for Mother Earth.

But How? They deliver their clothes with paper tags that contains seed. So, you can plant this goodness. But what’s more special? Why am I so excited about this.

Don’t we all search in a brand is uniqueness and Monk and Mei has everything unique about them. What I loved the most is that, you form a bond with the helping hands that made your dress. You help in turning their ambitions into reality. So what if I tell you that Monk and Mei isn’t just delivering clothes, they are delivering love wrapped with a story and you, You are wearing a story that lingers on your skin.

Words to swear by!

So,I think fast fashion should take a break. Also, I am adding Monk and Mei to my favourite brand list and I think you should too.

Words to swear by!

Because for once in a while I want you to wear more than just a cloth, wear love, wear a story. Help the hands who made your dress and buy sustainable.

Words to swear by!

And their design. Ahhh, okay I think I have said enough. Just goo check that out here.

One of their designs.

I hope you liked this little discovery, I’ll keep sharing and discovering.

Until then lots of love. Oh again, if you have any questions regarding anything of the blogs or want me to write on something comment below. Thanks!


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