Just Jewel it Baby!

Heyyyyy. It’s me again. With some another set of tips. Okay listen, what’s the one thing that comes to your mind when I tell you to change your outfit game totally? No I ain’t talking about any clothing piece. Now presenting to you the star of the outfit “Jewellery” Taadddaaaa!!!

Ah them, Jewelleries!

Well, it’s feels awkward to wear those earrings or those stack of necklaces and everything, yar! I feel it’s tooo much. I mostly wear it in parties but I don’t wear it daily or to another bunch of activities.

Okay then my girlies, this is toooo much jewellery – said no one ever. I honestly think jewellery acts as a catalyst not only to make your outfit look more smart but also seems like you have put a lottt of effort. Also, making your look more engaging for others. I think you should keep reading to know how to style them jewelleries!

Just add quirky pair of earrings to your simple denim and top. Add those statement earrings to your simple clothes. It will change the game. I swear.

Added this pair of statement earrings to make this simple black mock neck look more chic. Well, can really wear this look to girls brunch or for lunch!

I always make sure to wear rings because it makes me look instantly chic, another reason is I love wearing it. But the whole point is to wear more and more of jewellery and make your outfit look 100 times better.

Always Always stacking up rings. You can wear 2-3 rings in two fingers and damn girl, you changed the game!

Remember when you just added those “jhumkas” to your fav kurta and bagged thousands of compliments. Yes, jewellery does that to you. So, I want to tell you “put your money into accessories and you could create a million different looks.”

Wearing mom jeans and simple top!
Added earrings, simple chain, simple plain bracelets and ofcourse rings, you see the difference right! It looks more dressy(if only that’s a word!)

I hope till now you got the importance which I mentioned 10 thousand times in every paragraph because that’s how important it is I think. I hope the pictures made it more clear for you. I purposely chose simple outfits, so that it becomes clear like crystal.

Wore a simple cami and denim, just as good for your shopping spree, coffee dates or a game night!
But not without your jewellery. Stacked necklaces and bracelets to look more put-together.
Small steps, beautiful changes!

Thanks for reading the blog. Also if you found it helpful share it with people to help them too or share it on your social media platforms so that many people can get benefit of this. Comment below to let me know what you think you would like to know or what should I write about! Thank you again 🙂

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

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