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10 things you should own in 2020: Wardrobe Essentials

I know we all shop a lot, be it shopping from our fav brands or street shopping we all find something to buy, but still when we have to step out why is it always like we have nothing to wear. So many of you must have seen, read or hear of this, like basicContinue reading “10 things you should own in 2020: Wardrobe Essentials”

Personal Style: Ever thought about it?, an insight inside your wardrobe.

Hey there, still at home and bored? Finished everything on Netflix, hotstar, prime and everything! Okay, I have an amazing way to keep you busy! Well, Let me start with a question “Do you wish sometimes to look more put-together?”. Also, I have another question for you, “Are you done arranging your wardrobe?” Well evenContinue reading “Personal Style: Ever thought about it?, an insight inside your wardrobe.”

Confessions of my Black-dresses: Pretty little blacks!

My dear little Black-dresses, Please scroll till the last! And listen for all details of my outfits head to my Instagram you lovelies ❤ Oh, where do I start from, all my black dresses are so close to me, while writing for them is making me so emo. Okay, so keeping all the drama aside!Continue reading “Confessions of my Black-dresses: Pretty little blacks!”