Quarantined and How!

Hey, I know it’s a pandemic and I understand how you all feel, 24*7 lockdown. Inside those four walls.

And it’s not possible to calm your demons, with someone like me, who tends to overthink EVERY. SINGLE. THING. it’s even more difficult!

So, instead I’ve used my mind to create some outfits which are little unusual and more fashionable!

Also some of these outfits have been featured already in a video on my Instagram. So, if you haven’t watched it yet. Goooooo, watch it!

Okay done, continue reading through pictures and oh btw, happy reading :*

Let’s start with the most basic one, I wore a plain white tshirt and topped it with a cami! Aren’t you bored of wearing the same cami. So let’s give it the twist it needed.
Also you might have seen this before, but it’s good to acknowledge this style, since it’s worth it!
This is how it turned out to be!
The same tshirt and cami I tucked under my bra just so it gives the 90’s crop vibe.
And this is how, this one turned out!
Okay so for this one, I chose a top for inner layer and tucked it inside my bra, it will give base for the top and it’s even better if the top is more body hugging. Then I wore a simple crop top over it! It just gives a subtle layering to your old crop top, giving you the v fresh 90’s vibes!
Ain’t this simple addition, making a huge difference!
I have redefined denim on denim for you! Here, I chose to wear a mini denim skirt, tucked it inside my bra to make it crop and kept the zip sideways.
And I am very happy with the outcome!
Again I chose to wear a frilled skirt upside down, tied the frilled part with a string (you can also use a belt). I then put the frills outwards to give it frill-y look from the front! You must have seen this already:P
And the skirt’s doing pretty amazing job here!
Just a simple tip, I took the belt that came with my bum bag and tied it at the end of the crop top, it certainly give the outfit a different and more put together look! Btw this look is from my blog “confessions of my neon” if you haven’t read it, check it out : https://allthings1.fashion.blog/2020/02/08/confessions-for-my-neons/

Okay guys, these were the tips I could come up with. Thanks for reading this. See you sooon!

Lots and lots love


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