But I don’t know from where to shop!

Dear Sweethearts, Listen. I knowww, you always wonder where should I shop from, brands have given us so many choices but who will tell you “from where to buy what?” I mean I love some of brands way too much but they all are heavy on my pockets whereas some of these don’t meet myContinue reading “But I don’t know from where to shop!”

Confessions for my crop-tops: Oh, so crop!

My Dear Dear crops, Hi cute crop tops! I know I have ditched you many a times but that’s not because I don’t love you but because of my flabby stomach 😛 But this time I have to confess that whenever I wear you, it seems magical. you give my body every perfect definition thatContinue reading “Confessions for my crop-tops: Oh, so crop!”

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