Personal Style: Ever thought about it?, an insight inside your wardrobe.

Hey there, still at home and bored? Finished everything on Netflix, hotstar, prime and everything! Okay, I have an amazing way to keep you busy! Well, Let me start with a question “Do you wish sometimes to look more put-together?”. Also, I have another question for you, “Are you done arranging your wardrobe?” Well even if yes, what if I tell you that you can find your personal style from all inside your wardrobe. To look more confident, put-together and sassy!

Thinking about the clothes and colours!

Well I know, you will be thinking to yourself, what is personal style and I don’t even know the style how I can I find my personal one. Well babe, chill! I have got you sorted. All you need is to keep reading this till the end, I have a shared my ideology in the end. Interesting no, now onto finding your personal style.

Well let me give a disclaimer . It’s not, in anywhich ways, is me telling you about what to wear and what not to or what should you own or what you shouldn’t. I am just helping you keep yourself engaged enough to feel comfortable, confident and not need to think twice: Agh! what should I wear the next day!:(

Okay now, let’s start:

While doing what I told you, I found out I am into warm nudes and adding some colours to it.

1. Well let me start with first things first. Umm, what if I tell you to click yourself everyday. Is it too much to ask for. Umm, actually NO! You can keep clicking your pictures everyday to keep a journal of your outfits. If you aren’t comfortable posting it on any social media platform then keep it to yourself, safe, inside your gallery. I think you should just keep collecting yourself, so at the end of a month or two you will be able to figure out what you like wearing more, what’s that one go to thing you always pick up and most importantly what you are comfortable wearing in.

2. Now the second thing is, don’t you think we buy some colours more than others without even realising about it, what if I tell you that it is one of the step to know your personal style. All you need to do is put together different colours in piles and you will now notice what tones are you into like you own more of “warm tones” or “nude tones” or maybe colourful pieces paired with nudes/basics or totally different colours.

3. Most of us usually say this that “umm, these kind of clothes looks good on her, but it won’t look good on me”. Don’t we? But darling all we need is to identify our own body type to understand certain things makes us look out of this world. I know they do. Now you must be like: okay, How to do that? Right! There are so many ways. Easiest is or what I would do is search on google :P. Well search on google for different body types, see the images see what you fits into maybe approximately. Yyay! Now you know. No, this doesn’t end here now according to your body types you need to identify certain parts of your body which you literally absolutely cherish, you want to flaunt. Okay if this is difficult then let me explain it, I am an hour glass body shape and quite tall, so I like my legs and even highlighting them. Also I like wearing highwaists that make me look more kind of put together.

Would love to wear something like this on days where I have to run all day!

4. Moreover, this is really important, THINK ABOUT YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES. By this all I mean is think what is your day going to be like today are you going to walk red carpet or running errands from north to south (okay sorry for exaggeration, but you get it right!). So, if you have to just grab a glass of wine and sit: dress like you are the only princess in the room babe but if you have to run errands, get shit done then find yourself in joggers and crop top or denim or utility pants whatever you feel comfortable in but the compulsion is make it fashion gurlll. Invest in key pieces!

I feel my style is more on the feminine side. So, I will obviously obviously add jewellery to make it more stylish.

5. Okay now the most most most important. That is CONFIDENCE, COMFORT and like it’s been said since ages that “comfortable makes you confident”. Listen, if it’s trending and isn’t comfortable, drop it Hun! If you feel comfortable wearing pants to the party wear pants! You do you, girl. Add trend to basics.

More and more feminine clothes.

Alsooo, I can’t end this without telling to work on it a little. Put a little efforts and do your own research. Seek your style, don’t be all over the place just because it’s trending. It is a waste of time, energy and your money also. Trust me.

This is me. Still, a work in progress

Okay, seek your style on Instagram, Pinterest, Art or Music.

Also, having one outfit that perfectly fits you with a great quality(a little heavy on your pocket!) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the six outfit you own that is little less expensive. This is my ideology, well!

Okay so I didn’t intend to make this blog this longer. If you stick till the end thank you sooooo much I hope you found it useful and it helped you pass your time and a little more insight your wardrobe. I hope you start building your personal style. So just you tell them about yourself by what you’re wearing.

Yours Truly

-A work in progress. ❤

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