Confessions Of My Indian Wear

Hey Listen! Just Listen naa. I know you all love your Indian wears but why do you only consider me for special “traditional” occasion. Why I can’t be your everyday wear.

Okay, Okay. I agree that saree is too much effort but what about your kurtas! Your every Indian wear sobs in corner whenever you choose everything else over it.

Just asking you, how many times have you chosen your Indian wears 😛

Okay Just tell me one thing how many times even any one of you have thought of these Indian wears, umm may be for your date or a girls night out or for dinners or for shopping trips. Ah! Be honest! I’ll tell you, NONE! That’s because you want to choose every cloth for each one of these occasion.

Okay no ranting now. Well my dear girls I can tell you the truth, the truth is that Indian wear are the most effortless way to look chic as well as well-dressed. It seems to look perfect even for the days you don’t feel yourself.

A look which I’ll totally dig for my office. I have styled this printed blue kurta with same coloured pants and to add some more colour block I choose yellow footwear. Wear it in your office to look opulent.

You can select any Nice kurta & pair it with some jewelry (or don’t) and you are good to go. Choose your kurtas not only for ‘poojas’ or ‘traditional days’ only but let’s wear them more often.

At this point let me quote something by Alexa Chung : “Never say never in fashion because you’ll be wearing “never in 2 years” time. Hahahaha! Lets wear more of these kurtas to office, to dinners, to shopping trips, to coffee dates and to everywhere you feel you can!

Styled the dupptta differently. Also to complete the look I made a rough low bun and added added some heavy earrings.
I have chosen this white chikankari kurta and paired it white parallel pants (I reused this pants from a set I wore on Diwali, if you want to check that dress out, you can see it on Instagram.) also this dupptta is custom made. Ah, so I chose this outfit to wear it for a dinner party with friends or family.
I kept the same look but let my hair flow free and added simple pair of jhumkas for a day look. Umm, maybe to go on a brunch or grab a coffee.
Check out the complete look. (And I am sooo sorry for the bad pictures:P)
What I choose is a straight green kurta and reused the same pants, the one I wore above. Reusing fashion is the best, ya! Soo, I choose this for shopping trips
Just added jhumkas and took a cute small bag to complete the look and trust me it’s so comfortable for a person like me, whose shopping is literally a cardio.

Also, I am in ‘No’ way saying that you shoudn’t wear what we wear (as they say “western cloths”). Even I love wearing and styling of all those clothes but all I am saying is to include more of these kurtas in our wardrobe & life 😉

What I choose is a red kurta with some flair for my coffee dates. Added really delicate but big earrings.
Make your first impression with Indian wear and rock your date.

Oh also did I mention how comfortable these kurtas are btw & also make anyone look beautiful without efforts.

Okay now I guess I stressed too much on these kurtas & Indian wears in this blog but honestly that’s how I feel about them. I loved this writeup. Let me know what do you think about this & please leave questions in the comments below if you have any, I will be more than happy if I’ll able to help you.

Really lots of love. ♥️

Lots & lots of Love -Ayushi ❤

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