Fashion & Restriction

Fashion and restriction two words doesn’t go hand in hand no? But some of us may have formed your own boundaries in fashion. You won’t wear certain clothes or certain types, because you aren’t there yet and sweetie that’s TOTALLY OKAY! What’s fashion in your head? Well let me make it very very clearly that fashion is YOU, yourself.

Babe, I totally get some of you have restrictions some imposed, some self-formed for certain kind of clothes but who said only “some” kind of clothes are fashion.

I understand those boundaries and I respect them very much.

There are plethora of options if you want to dress chic. Choose a maxi dress and you are good to go!
Another option is to wear long skirts and style it. Make most of out the chic you!
Wear long skirts, pair them with your best heels and accessories, who said you’re only fashionable with short skirts?

Also, those who wear what they want is a choice they make to express themselves; Having said that, I want you to feel comfortable, confident and chic in whatever you wear.

Pay attention to details, wear as simple as a denim and top, tuck your top in for better structure. Pay attention to your hair, bag, footwear & jewellery!
Adding nice shoes and a pop of colour as my bag is changing the whole look of this denim! I told ya it’s in the details
Choose different! Don’t always opt for denims, experiment and try out different kind of pants they add a lot more glamour to you, Trust me.
Again choose your footwear wisely, they are the game changer

So, for all those who are fashionable, want to present themselves at their best and want people to know who they are without having to utter a word. I have some ideas for you to wear clothes which fulfill your restriction criteria and yet make you look swank.

Also Listen, You are still fashionable with or without any restrictions. I opted for tshirts and dress, basically non-skin showing clothes like crop tops or shorts for you to understand it better 😛

Lots of Love
Ayushi ❤

Some celebrity references:

Choose pants, also go for sheer tops they are a perfect blend of sexy and chic.
Go monochrome. You can never go wrong with that!
Choose to layer. Layer it up. Pay heed to details that’s how you are stylish my darlings

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