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Confessions for my crop-tops: Oh, so crop!

My Dear Dear crops,

Hi cute crop tops! I know I have ditched you many a times but that’s not because I don’t love you but because of my flabby stomach 😛

But this time I have to confess that whenever I wear you, it seems magical. you give my body every perfect definition that it needs.

I wore you with many different bottoms, styled you in many different ways and guess what, you justified them all. You are extremely gorgeous and versatile and to be honest to justify your potential I have to upgrade mine 😛

You can be comfortable yet elegant. You are like all ice and all fire at the same time.

You can be teamed up with denims, pants, skirts or even as blouses to ethnics, and trust me you don’t let any of them down.

You are perfect for any and every occasion and wherever you go , you leave your fashion vibe behind, that is making one look jaw dropping beautiful.

Lots of Love my gorgeous gorgeous crop tops.

Always yours

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