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Confessions for my Neons!!

Dear Neons,

I love that you are trending, but I ain’t sure I can pull you off completely. I truly ain’t! 😦 I mean I always think of wearing you & rock, but dreams (I tell you, Ahhh!)

But I think I pull you off in pieces though.

Just paired a sweatshirt with neon linings and mom jeans. To add more pop of color to it, you can also add neon hair accessories (bows, hairpins, hairbands) to it.
Alsoooo, you guys so that it pops out a little more I added neons socks too!

I mean using you as an accessory or a part of my outfit won’t make it look bad on me as well as I can be as trendy as you are!

I love how you add that pop of color to the simple outfit. I need to tell you very clearly that you bring something new to the table whenever added to an attire.

Here on a simple black outfit I added neon belt and neon socks just to look more neon-ly put together.
That’s how it turned out! (I have only this picture where my outfits is showing perfectly so here it goes!) P.S. I reused my belt that came in with my bum-bag.

Be it any accessory, you are in, you make sure to look trendy & chic too an undefined limit.

I bought a neon bum-bag, so that I go with fashion without going too much neon. (Just for reference I also wore the same bum-bag on a denim and white top, it’s there on my Instagram. Gooo check it out!)

I think people should more often add you to make that fashionable difference that is needed everyday and also I hope you continue to look fab the way you always do.

I paired a neon top with black shots and denim to just have a sneak of neon in my outfit.

Lots of Love

-Ayushi ❤

Do let me know if you want something more I’ll love to write what you want to hear! :*

Also, for more ideas of outfits, follow me on Instagram (

Also, if you want to buy this neon top or bum-bag I wore, and many such neon accessories and clothes, check out shein ( but more details of my outfits check out my Instagram.

Celebrity Reference:

Alia Bhatt paired a neon top with pleated mom jeans and neon footwear and some accessories.
Sara Ali Khan paired her blingy skirt with pop of neon on her shirt and neon earrings

3 thoughts on “Confessions for my Neons!!

  1. You are rocking.
    Well as I don’t understand much about these things but the blog is making things easier, so I like it a lot the way you have clearly written about everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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